What is Prebooking 

Order in Pre-Booking

Most of the stock on our website is under pre-booking as we believe in selling unique products. Pre-Booking means that – a collection has been announced by the designer and photo shoot has been completed but the physical delivery of stock is awaited and product or collection may be under production. We have to work on this pre-booking model because there is a limited quantity of products available with the ORIGINAL designer. We need to give them our bookings as soon as new collection is announced so that our customers can get the stock before any other seller can provide it. If we do not work on pre-booking model then most of the stock will be unavailable as it will be already sold out if we wait till its release. Although tentative ship dates of pre-booking stock is mentioned under every product on our website – there are chances due to reasons beyond control – like Geo Political issues , delays at customs, bad weather, etc. because of which the stock can be delayed by a few days. In this case – we are always open for exchange or cancellation of order if order gets delayed beyond a few days from the mentioned tentative ship date. Rest assured ALI COLOURS always gets the stock from designers in India prior to other sellers. This means that no other seller can provide you new stock before us.



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